Power Of Email Marketing

  • Boost sales

    • Email marketing has been shown to be highly effective at increasing consumer spending.
    • By utilizing email marketing, your business can easily send personalized messages to your audience and even reconnect with previous customers. This can help drive sales and increase revenue for your business.
  • Affordable

    • Email marketing has a high return on investment, with an average of $38 returned for every dollar invested.
    • Additionally, the cost of sending emails is relatively low, making it a cost-effective marketing strategy.
  • Grow your reach within your niche

    • Automation can be leveraged to maximize the reach of your marketing campaigns and nurture relationships with potential customers

  • Automated email marketing campaigns

    We help businesses create and send emails to their customers to promote their products or services and increase sales. We use data and best practices to make sure the emails are successful.

  • Professional email copywriting services

    We offer professional email copywriting services to help businesses create effective marketing campaigns through emails. Our team of experienced writers can craft engaging, persuasive emails for newsletters, promotions, and automated sequences. Our services aim to help businesses reach their marketing goals through targeted and effective email content."

  • Custom HTML email designs

    Unique and visually appealing emails that can be customized to fit a company's branding and messaging. They can include interactive elements and help businesses effectively communicate with their audience.

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About Us

D&M Marketing Co. was established by Diabri Hollis and Myles Preston as a worldwide provider of specialized email marketing campaigns. Our company is based in the Dallas-Fort Worth region and serves small businesses with the goal of boosting sales through targeted marketing efforts. Our team is committed to enhancing the visibility and profitability of your business through strategic marketing initiatives